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What Lifeline Costs

CarePartner Basic Unit
$39.00 per month*
$75.00 one-time activation fee

Cordless Phone
$50.00 per month*

$13.00 additional monthly cost*

$75.00 additional monthly cost*
$75.00 one-tiem activation fee

*There is no minimum monthly commitment. You may end the service at any time without penalty.

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Personal Help Buttons & Communicators

Get help at the touch of a button

Philips Lifeline offers dependable, convenient, and purpose-built technology, assembled and tested by Lifeline right here in the United States.

What does that mean to you? Just like how in the event of an emergency, you can get help quickly, we're also available to monitor our equipment. It's self-checking and notifies the Response Center if it detects a power failure or low battery.



Ready to get started? Explore the communicators and personal help buttons that appeal to you, then we'll show you compatible services that best fit your needs.